All kind of aerator price in Bangladesh

Pond Fish farmers have started to use the aerators more than ever and as a result, the aerator price in Bangladesh is getting more and more affordable day by day. Today’s fish farmers are more educated and more aware of technological advancements in the pisciculture sector. They are gradually moving away from the old non-scientific way of fish farming as those old methods result in less fish production as well as less profit for the farmers. Today’s advanced fish farming methods not only give significantly more profit but also saves a lot of time and effort and reduces the risk of making a loss. They also get more production in a relatively shorter period.

Types of Aerators

There are various types of aerators existing in the market and they exist for a reason. If you are going to use the aerator technology for your fish farming project you need to be well aware of the use, necessity, and benefits of all types of aerators. Usually, to get the most out of our fish pond you need to install more than one type of aerator. One aerator essentially complements another. For instance, there are some aerators that help with cleaning the water. Some help to bring in more oxygen into the water and some aerators motivate the fishes to always stay on the move so that they grow faster and stays healthy. If you install all these aerators in your pond you can expect the maximum return on your investment. However, you probably do not always need all the above solutions. If your pond somehow generates enough oxygen for the fishes then you probably don’t need to use the aerator to produce oxygen. It totally depends on the situation.

Various Qualities of Aerators

There are several factors a farmer needs to be aware of before buying an aerator for his fish pond. Not all aerators found in Bangladesh are created equally and therefore not all aerators can give you the results you expect. Buying a cheap aerator that is inefficient can make you financial loss eventually, whereas quality aerators can tenfold your income within your expected time. Hossain Agro imports aerators from Japan, Germany, Italy, and other top tier countries that manufacture the highest quality aerators to ensure maximum profitability. Fish farmers of these countries use these machines and get five to ten times more fish production. Therefore we can say that their technology is very reliable and battle-tested. You may find cheap aerators in the market but those machines can’t perform well enough and bring frustration to the farmers. You may have seen some fish farmers failed using this technology, that’s because they chose the wrong supplier. That’s why choosing the right supplier is the key to success.

Aerator price in Bangladesh

If you look at the bigger picture you will see that the Aerator price in Bangladesh is very reasonable, considering the amount of profit you can make using the aerators. Let’s say if I give you two options wherein the option “a” if you spend 5 takas your ROI will be 8 takas and in option ‘b’ if you spend 10 takas your ROI will be 50 takas. Which option you will choose? Everyone will choose option ‘b’. I hope you have started to get the idea. The amount of profit you make from using the aerators is so much higher than the small initial investment you make in the technology. Though the price may fluctuate a bit depending on various situations, please call us to know the following types of aerator price in Bangladesh:
Nano bubble aerator price in Bangladesh, Impellor Aerator price in Bangladesh, Push wave aerator price in Bangladesh, Cooling aerator price in Bangladesh, Paddle wheel (4 propellers) price in Bangladesh, Double Speed Aerator price in Bangladesh, Push the wave aerator price in Bangladesh, and Paddle wheel aerator price in Bangladesh.

Aerator Profit calculation and ROI

We’ve tried to give you a general estimation of the cost and profit when you will use a fish pond aerator in Bangladesh. For small ponds of about 2.5 bighas, a farmer will need to use 2 aerators. 1 Nano bubble aerator which is 3 HP and another one is a 1 HP push the wave aerator, along with a fish feeder machine. The nano bubble aerator helps to generate more oxygen to the pond and pushes the wave aerator to clean all the excess ammonia from the pond by converting it to nitrate which is consumed by the water hyacinth we use in our pond. The feeder machine helps to spread the fish food over a long time and evenly to all the fishes. For the two aerators we are using, the estimated aerator price in Bangladesh is more or less seventy thousand takas. If we farm Pabda fish, this will yield about 5500 KGs of fish in less than a year. At a wholesale rate of 290tk per kg, a farmer can make about 15 lac taka. During this time frame, the total cost would be around 7 lac taka, not including the one-time price of the aerators. Therefore the farmer will make a pure profit of about 8 lacs within only less than a year, with bigger-sized ponds; they can yield more fishes and make even more money.

Aerator price in Bangladesh

As you can see from the above calculation, it takes a little bit of investment and small maintenance cost to use aerators in fish ponds, but it starts to give much bigger returns within a few months. If you look at how much profit you can make within a short time, one can say that the aerator price in Bangladesh is highly affordable for a fish farmer. If you choose the best quality aerators like the ones we have at Hossain Agro, you can easily make your fish farming project a grand success. Hossain Agro provides all types of fish farming aerators in Bangladesh along with all the parts, related services, emergency services, and complete professional training to the farmers. You can contact us to know more about all of our services, trainings and products.

Aerator price in Bangladesh

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