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Aerator in bd is very popular for fish farming in the pond. A lot of fish farmers are using it as the aerator price in Bangladesh is affordable. Farmers are making a high profit and for that reason, the use of aerator in bd is rising day by day.

Hossain agro pioneered the aerator fish farming technology in Bangladesh. To date, it is the only company that imports high-quality aerator in bd from countries like Germany, Italy, Japan, and China. Despite the high-quality Hossain agro keeps aerator price in Bangladesh very reasonably low. The company actively uses many types of aerators in their fish ponds and makes a significantly higher profit than the others.

Hossain Agro has long 25 years of experience in advanced fish farming. They have used many types of aerators in all of their projects and observed their performance. So far, Pabda fish has shown the highest success rate. The other types of fishes have shown very exciting results as well. You can visit the official YouTube channel of the company to see the details videos of their projects. The company has received many recognitions and a number of prestigious awards for its contribution to the fish farming industry of Bangladesh.

Yet the journey isn't stopped yet. The company actively visits countries to look for high-end technologies that can help farmers grow more fish in a small pond within a shorter period. This way, farmers can get more production as well as higher profit. At this moment, the company has 12 types of aerators, fish feeders, and other fish farming machinery. They also have qualified technicians and after-sales support team to give the farmers every support they need and whenever they need it. They also provide a warranty with every aerator in bd. In case of emergency, they provide farmers with additional machines until any problem is solved.

aerator in bd

If you are involved in fish farming and want to boost your earning from your ponds, you should definitely try the aerator technology. Aerators can be used in any size of ponds. It increases the air as well as the oxygen flow into the water, keeps the water clean, and gives the fishes a healthy environment to grow faster. The taste of the fishes grown using this technology is better than regular farming technologies. Therefore farmers get more profit from selling their fishes. We have seen about five times an increase in fish production using aerator in bd. Take the right decision, call us today to learn more or to buy aerators.

aerator in bd

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